Hi, I am Kacey.

I'm an adventure seeking, risk taking, out going gal that is a sucker for love. Travel is what energizes me and photography is my passion. I nerd out on Marvel movies and craft cocktails. The happiest place on earth is my Mommer's house on Chautauqua Lake where the porch somehow magically transports you to a calmer place. If I'm not day dreaming of swinging on the hammock, I'm mapping out my next trip.

I fell in love with photography as a teen but it really set my heart on fire in my early 20's when I was able to shoot a couple weddings and engagement photos for friends, I was hooked. Being in the room where you are putting your finishing touches on, being the only person watching you and your hunny see each for the first time or your dad/brothers reactions to you walking toward them on your big day. These raw and beautiful moments, I am honored to capture. Telling your story, every tear, laugh and dance floor shenanigan you can bust out.

Yes, I pose you, I call them "grandmas fridge photo" ya know, the perfectly place dress, hands and kids smiling. You will love those and so will your mimi but, the majority of what I do is want to capture you and your loved ones as you are. If the kids are running around in the field, join em. If your dog starts rolling, join em with some good belly rubs and if the ring bearer starts booking it down the aisle, I hope some one catches him or he's taking out the officiant. Jokes aside, I really, really, love what I do. Part of that is you just being you.

Let's jump on a phone call or grab a cup of coffee and see if I'm the right fit for either your family portraits or your biggest adventure yet (hint hint, wedding day).