Proud Photographer and Supporter of Okodwela NFP

In Summer 2019 I traveled with the Okodwela team to help launch their first project, the Home Project. I initially was compelled to this project because of the passion that was behind this organization. Their mission is not to go, build and leave but to use resources to create local employment to build homes, use local supplies and bring happy homes in a sustainable way for rural African communities. This mission is something that I am proud and honored to be able to be the one that captures all that they are doing, all the happy Okodwela creates.

In 2019 we built homes, create employment, and provided support for families in the surrounding rural areas of Livingstone, Zambia.

Upon completion of a family assessment, homes are built by pairing Okodwela resources with local labor and materials. Each home is built on it’s own plot of land, will have two rooms, and will be equipped with a toilet, a water purifier, mattresses, pillows, and a title/deed for lifetime ownership. A two-room home will give each family the option to live in one room, while renting out the second to help generate a sustainable income

Okodwela works with a local builder to design and oversee construction. We provide resources to purchase local materials and hire workers to complete construction. Okodwela also conducts individual family need assessments to meet basic medical, educational, and household needs.